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For Safety

Seniors are some of our favorite people! Many of them have been customers for years and have developed friendships with our drivers. Many more look forward to the pleasant interaction that often takes place as our professional drivers move them efficiently to their destination.

One very spry 77 year old gentleman (who still frequently drives), has found it convenient to call us when he has to go somewhere he’s not familiar with, or where parking is less than ideal.

Many seniors like to avoid the uncertainty of having to park and walk on ice and snow. Our ‘door to door’ service, allows them to do just that!

In addition, our drivers have years of experience in dealing with the special needs of some seniors, including canes, walkers and folding wheelchairs.

With Co-op Taxi, there is no need to feel ‘house bound’, no need to miss a visit with an old friend, or miss that important Doctors appointment!

The next time you’re going out-call us. We know you’ll love the service!

For information on our Senior’s discount, please see the Co-op Cash page.

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